Photo by Jonathan Selkowitz

Sweater Girls – Vintage Portillo Style

August in Portillo is the melting pot of the ski world. It’s hard not to run into the biggest stars on the white planet, either in the lift line at Roca Jack or in the Chilean hotel’s broad, relaxing living room. This summer I was lucky to be skiing Portillo when GoPro was in the house with Olympic gold medalists Julia Mancuso and Jamie Anderson, as well as big mountain skier and filmmaker, Lynsey Dyer. The energy of these women combined is enough to power the world a few times over. There’s a reason these girls have had so much success in their careers at such a young age. Our meeting in Portillo was a total love fest; I couldn’t help but coax them to model with me and be Sweater Girls – Vintage Portillo Style. Luckily photographer Jonathan Selkowitz was in the house to capture the fun.

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