Eileen Gu is a force of nature. The 19-year-old Stanford student is already a 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Silver Medalist. She finished high school a year early and then took a gap year to compete in the Olympics. She is a top model and excels at all she does. She calls herself a nerd and is dedicated to her educational pursuits just as much as her athletic ones. You would want to hate her, but she is the kindest and sweetest kid around.

She arrived in Aspen early for X Games to get in some training. She took the time to ski with kids from the Aspen Valley Ski Club, and all the girls she coached landed their 360’s, some for the first time. Aspen is a favorite of hers around the world, and she says, “it has everything I like, food, fashion, hiking; it’s a creative hub with great people.”

She picked up 2 Gold medals in Calgary last week, and it was her first comp in 11 months and her 10th World Cup Win.

X Games Eileen GuWhen asked about burnout, she says she strives for balance and is grateful for everything she gets to do. She says, “I get to do the impossible every day.”

She came to Aspen 3 years ago wondering if she even belonged here, but two Gold Medals and a Bronze later, she had her answer, a resounding Yes!

She loves modeling and working with brands like IWC to amplify her voice to drive change in her sport and inspire younger kids around the world. She explains, “Our stage is not the future. Our stage is now.”