Stockli Laser AX Ski Product Review

The Stockli Laser AX ski is a true tester’s favorite. Every tester loved this ski on the firm snow, ripping turns at high speeds. This ski allows you to enjoy fresh powder in the morning. Rip tight turns on the slope in the afternoon. The re-engineered AX with its new FEC adaptive technology makes it all possible. The more pressure you apply in the turns, the smaller the rocker is, and the correspondingly larger the surface contact area is with the snow. The new Light Core lends the Stockli Laser AX even more pop with the same stability.

Stockli has been making skis for over 80 years. The Laser AX has rocker technology which is adapted for each model they make. It has a longer curvature of the shovel which means it floats better in powder, less effort is required to turn them, they are easy to cruise on the piste and tipping from edge to edge.

Local ski racer Dairinn Bowers is a huge fan of the ski, especially going fast on hard snow. Performance Ski in Aspen, owned by her parents Lee Keating and Tom Bowers are long time Stockli dealers in Aspen, Colorado.