Snowpine Lodge Alta

Finished in February last season, The Snowpine Lodge is a welcome newcomer on the 80-year-old Alta block, leading the way with a Millennium Modern motif and piste panoramas via pivotal patios. Transforming a Victorian post office into a deluxe designer hotel may well be the ultimate Fixer Upper.

It’s all the brainchild of Brent Pratt, who’s been skiing at Alta for three decades.

“When the opportunity arose to purchase the property in 2012, I thought it would be the perfect place to accommodate our growing family,” says Pratt. “However, as the family continued to expand, I realized I wanted to create a legacy, a place for my kids and grandkids to call home, and a place the community would be proud of. Thus, the $50-million renovation of Snowpine Lodge began.”

Snowpine Lodge Alta Utah Pool
Snowpine Lodge Alta Utah Pool

Many of the historic elements have been preserved, including original stone walls and traditional dorm-style accommodation, resulting in a mélange of contemporary and traditional worthy of Chip and Joanna Gaines. With curb appeal courtesy of its own chairlift, even the locker area is ritzy, with its super-staged fireside sofa settings, softly-upholstered benches, complimentary chocolat chaud and cookies, and a bunny run descending right from the locker lounge door. Luxury suites or shared dorms, intimate dining or communal conversation, open-kitchen fine dining or gastropub, The Snowpine has it all, juxtaposing the latest trends. “Our goal has never been to change Alta, but to instead restore one of the town’s oldest buildings,” Pratt explains. Hot tubs and heated pool encircle a luxe sofa set-up by the outdoor fireplace, affording uninterrupted views of Alta’s slopes and sizzling sunsets. And the final touches – a kids’ play area, a games room, and an oxygen bar for the sensory spa.

Are the old guard miffed? “Snowpine is good for Alta,” says Rosie O’Grady, VP of Alta Lodge, the resort’s oldest hotel. “It will make us all raise our game.”