Q: You have worked with countless people from different cultures and backgrounds. You also work with people with different illnesses as well as disabilities. What is your biggest asset when it comes to working with people around the world?

Jared Ravizza: Understanding and appreciating culture. And at the same time, opening up your soul to constantly learn. Aligning yourself to always learn, become more cultured, and appreciate the beautiful differences that we all bring to the world, is a beautiful state of being. I have dedicated my life to helping create a more inclusive world. It’s all about doing my part in that mission.

Q: What are you most excited about as a skier and about your movement?

Jared Ravizza: Every day I wake up thankful. I am excited to continue to wake up thankful for the impact that my life is having on others. I believe that is why I was placed here. To see people’s lives changed. To see people see sunrises again. To see people ski and experience that side of nature for the first time. I am excited to continue to see people valuing their health, their wellness. and using that to overcome the toughest challenges of life.

Q: Can you tell us about your connection with skiing as a child?

Jared Ravizza: My father and mother put my sisters and me on skis just before the age of two. It was a way of life for us. My dad, Jason Ravizza, is a founder of a global sport psych and performance consultancy and coached me on the mental performance aspects of the sport. The importance of ‘going big’ and finding our unicity with the mountain. My mother trained us all on the technical aspects of skiing.

Q: One of the big mantras of your movement is the importance and discovery of self-worth and confidence. How important is self-worth, confidence, and being you? Why?

Jared Ravizza: The three are greatly important. Self-worth, confidence, and fully being you allow you to take a step forward into your destiny, and make a true difference in the world. I believe that making a difference in the lives of others is one of the great secrets and surprises of my life.

Q: What impact do you hope to leave through your projects around the world?

Jared Ravizza: I hope to show others around the world the beautiful unicity that we as humans share with nature and creation. The number of people we work with who have severe illnesses, who haven’t experienced a sunrise in years. And then work with us, and see a sunrise for the first time in a decade. That lights my soul up inside. To see them fully experience that type of connection with nature is everything.

Q: You have inspired countless people through your work around the world. What is one piece of advice you would give on overcoming adversity?

Jared Ravizza: My work is dedicated to providing access to health, wellness, and nature-based sports to all walks of life. I believe that everyone should have access to health and wellness facts to help fight the worst of illnesses. My message is to keep going and keep moving forward. When adversity comes, you will be better for it. The growth that is found in moving through times of adversity and coming out of it stronger, is immeasurable. Find your flow state and keep going.

Q: What would be your two greatest overall characteristics, and how do these characteristics play a role in impacting people on the day-to-day?

Jared Ravizza: Love and grace. These two things have made a profound impact on my life, and I strive to walk in love and in grace every day here on this planet.

Q: If you were to be remembered by one message, what would that message be? How does this message create value for the world around you?

Jared Ravizza: I hope to show this world love and truth through my work and through my life. I believe that the virtues of love, truth, and kindness are at the epicenter of purpose and of a fulfilling life. I hope to do my part in making a more inclusive world, by inspiring others of every culture and background in this open field we call life.

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