Space Age Ski Technology 2019

The shapes of our skis, helmets, and ski wear hasn’t changed much in looks. But the technology behind our gear has taken off. Innovation and design by top brands are leading the flight into the space age. Check out this out-of-this-world gear.  

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CP’S Camurai Carbon Helmet

Visor helmets are all the rage in the latest ski technology 2019. And CP’s newest Camurai Carbon helmet is one of our favorites this season. Using a high modulus carbon, its impact protection is excellent, without sacrificing comfort or fit. The polarized, photochromatic, anti-fog, scratch-resistant, drop down visors are seamlessly integrated with the helmet. Optical clarity rivals any high-end goggle we’ve tested. The visor integrates with the Camurai’s venting system so that no matter the conditions, you’ve got top shelf protection, comfort, and visibility. Go from sunny to graybird days without a care. 

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SPY Optic Ace EC Goggle

SPY’s new Electrochromic lens is essentially three pairs of goggles in one. With the push of a button, a conductive film in the lens changes the tint settings for sunny, mixed, or flat light. The battery is mounted on the goggle strap, and insulated against cold. When we tested it in Portillo, Chile earlier this year, each charge lasted about 6-8 hours. Add in the fact that the Ace’s fit works well with a wide variety of helmets, and you’ve got yourself the perfect goggles ─ whether you’re spring skiing in Aspen, or chasing storms in Chamonix.

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Renoun Skis

Ski design has changed over the years but construction has really stayed the same. Until now. Imagine taking giant turns on a pair of skis that physically adapts, second-to-second. Envision having a set of planks that, depending on the terrain, changes from soft to rigid. Sounds like science fiction, right? Not! Meet Renoun. Their hyper-damping material is new. Well, new to snow sports at least. The technology has been utilized around the world to help relieve vibration, shock, and noise in items such as vehicles, aircraft, structures and machinery.

An average pair of skis will shake the faster you ski. Materials that follow non-Newtonian laws display a different kind of relationship. There you have it. Sparing all the scientific jargon, sections of the core of every Renoun ski features a material that reacts to vibration and speed. The faster you go, the more stable the ski. Hitting powder at Deer Valley the ski is soft and forgiving, while ripping corduroy in Vail at World Cup speeds gets you a ski that feels purpose built for Super-G races. This might be the first ski to actually be a quiver killer.

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Dainese D-Air

Dainese’s all new D-air body protection system is the first truly “smart” body armor for skiers. Whether you’re a racer chasing a PR or working on nailing that new trick in the terrain park, the inflatable system of the D-air is light years ahead of traditional padding and armor. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, the base D-air vest recognizes the type of fall you are taking – airborne or tumbling – and inflates specific pads in a fraction of a second. Rather than bulky gels or hard plastic armor the D-air conserves bulk and weight through this inflation system, and keeps you safer all season. Ski racer extraordinaire Lindsey Vonn has been key in testing and developing the D-air protector and is now a member of the Dainese D-air ski team. Wearing the protector allows her to perform go all out while managing risk in her last season of competing. 

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DPS Phantom 2.0 Base Glide Treatment

You’ll never have to wax again! Now that’s a happy thought. DPS’s new Phantom Glide is a permanent treatment that completely replaces waxing, and can actually strengthen your ski bases. Thank you, chemistry wizards! Phantom’s polymerization process permanently penetrates in one easy application. The best part? No toxic chemicals. Good for you. Good for your skis. Good for Mother Earth. Coming soon: DPS just launched the new commercial UV Phantom Cure Station in local ski shops making this a game changer. Yes, you can believe the hype! Another product taking ski technology 2019 into the space age.

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Goldwin x Spiber Ski Jacket

Nope, that is not spelled incorrectly. Spiber Inc. is a Japanese biomaterials company researching synthetic spider silk and other protein-based materials. In a top-secret collaboration, Spiber teamed up with premium Japanese ski apparel and lifestyle label Goldwin to produce a sustainable ski jacket prototype. Using a protein material based on spider silk, dubbed QMONOS, this revolutionary protein material has the potential to be a turning point in ski wear design. Touted as being four times stronger than steel but more flexible than nylon, and avoiding the use of petrochemicals, this prototype could mark the start of a manufacturing revolution. The news of this development is just leaking now. With rigorous testing to ensure top-shelf quality, expect this cutting-edge technology to hit the market soon.

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