Sierra Quitiquit Bogner Ski Wear in Portillo, Chile

Sierra Quitiquit Bogner
Sierra Quitiquit Bogner Ski Ambassador

SNOW had the privilege of working with top athlete/model/influencer Sierra Quitiquit Bogner ski wear Ambassador in Portillo, Chile.  Sierra is a new Ambassador for  2018 – 2019 Bogner Ski and presents a fresh side of Bogner moving ahead.  Bogner has a long history of excellence in the ski world. For decades Bogner = Ski Fashion and now they are taking it to an even higher level.

I asked Sierra why she chose to work with Bogner over all the ski wear brands out there. She said “I wanted to work with Bogner because they are one of the most fashion-forward, technical ski wear brands. I also think they have a great team of people and the opportunity to work with people like Reto Lamm and the team in US and Germany who all give me so much support. It makes all the difference.

I love the colors, the fabrics, the functionality. This is ski wear that you can actually ski in. I know that sounds funny, but there are a lot of ski wear brands that are not that comfortable to move in! Summer Skiing in Portillo is the perfect backdrop for the new  Bogner Ski collection. It’s so much fun to leave the middle of a hot summer to rip powder lines, ski steep terrain, and jump in freezing mountain lakes!”

Sierra is wearing a Bogner White Onsie. ICE Glasses by

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