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By The Snow Biz Edit Team

It’s our job at SNOW Magazine to keep our ears to the ground and our finger on the pulse of luxury in the ski world. Luxury is our modus operandi, from five-star ski-in/ski-out hotels and lavish heli-ski operations that access the world’s finest ski terrain to delicious ski town restaurants and far-off locales that need to be visited because of vibrant ski cultures and opulent experiences. So, it took us by surprise when one of the most luxurious ski offerings out there focuses on your feet!

Like a post-ski spa treatment or a fantastic après cocktail, the services offered at Surefoot are pure luxury. Surefoot has garnered a reputation in skiing for making your days on snow better. We all can remember a time when aching feet forced you off of the manicured groomers or away from the untouched powder. Having to spend time in the lodge on a pristine day due to painful feet is the worst! Thanks to Surefoot’s 360-degree fit analysis, you’ll get paired with the perfect ski boot and never have to miss another second because of your feet. And, all it takes is 70 minutes for the ache and pain that some of us associate with skiing (those who didn’t visit Surefoot) to vanish, for good!

When you walk into a Surefoot store—there are 24 locations worldwide—you will see the walls lined with the best, hand-picked brands in the business. But, the ski boot is only a portion of Surefoot’s expertise. Surefoot’s 360-degree analysis begins with a custom-made orthotic, because that is at the base of everything you do. Then, a liner is made by hand and fit into the shell that is perfect for your foot’s dimensions.

“We treat every customer for the individual nuances of their foot, and each foot is like a fingerprint,” says Surefoot’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Dunn. “The craftsmen at Surefoot use the art and science of bootfitting. They will look at the data collected about someone’s foot, and they’ll use the touch and feel to fine-tune the fit.”

The result: skiing with control and in total comfort. You have splurged on that five-star hotels and flattering new jackets, but stepping into a Surefoot to get paired with the perfect setup for your feet is more than luxury, it’s a necessity. And, it’s a decision you will never regret…

How does Surefoot do it? CLICK HERE to watch a video that explains the 360-degree fitting process that makes Surefoot different from everyone else!