Redemption at The Snow Lodge

The Snow Lodge has been taking Aspen by storm this winter. It is the place to party this winter season so when Redemption was choosing where to go there was only one choice. They hosted a dinner in collaboration with Select Aperitivo, the award-winning Italian aperitif, with a pop up of the collection last Sunday night. The event started with DIPLO which included Christie Brinkley wearing Redemption, Kyra Kennedy and Erica Pelosini. The stellar crowd danced the night away to DJ Cassidy

Redemption is a sustainable fashion brand with a rock and roll vibe. Social responsibility is a driving force and they have a disruptive business model that aims to give 50% of their profits to charitable causes. It is aimed at the strong and independent woman who likes to express their bold, sensual appeal through authentic personalities and powerful emotions.

Redemption at the Snow Lodge
Redemption on FW19




The Creative Director of Redemption is Bebe Moratti. He was born in Milan in 1978 and grew up with a love of music. As a child, he saw photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson and it started to change his world. Photography became a passion point and he left Italy to move to LA and get experience as a production assistant. His love for film, music, and any visual arts let to the launch of the fashion label, Redemption

Redemption came to the attention of top celebrities and the fashion world and they launched an Haute Couture collection in Paris in 2017.