Qasmyr Scarves Handmade in Kashmir

Qasmyr is based in the majestic Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir with a rich and ancient heritage of craftsmanship.

It is a land of unique motifs and design techniques that have been transformed and perfected over centuries. Mastering Kashmiri craftsmanship takes years of training and designing scarves and shawls is an art that has been carried forward through the generations.

Based on these ancient techniques, each shawl and scarf is hand-woven from the raw material of signature Changpa cashmere – yarn derived from the goats of the Changpa herdsmen, a rare animal living above 4,000 meters altitude, only found in Kashmir. Limited in quantity, and exceptional in quality, Changpa cashmere has been prized for centuries by Indian maharajas and European royalty for its exceptional lushness.

Their craftspeople are uniquely trained in the ancient tradition of Kashmiri craftsmanship, and products are created with centuries-old techniques of shawl making. From detailed handmade embroideries to colorful fusions, each Qasmyr shawl is characterized by its stunning detail and exceptional softness.

We invite you to experience the incredible quality of Qasmyr – cashmere from Kashmir.

Hand-Woven Solid

Beautiful cashmere scarf hand woven and dyed in next season’s “it” color. We love this purple to add a pop of color to any outfit without looking busy with prints.

Hand-woven solid plaid scarf

We are loving this combination of colors, it just screams cozy winter fashion. Perfect for pairing with furry winter boots and a cozy hat.

Paris Print Cashmere Shawl

Gorgeous hand woven scarf in blue hues with the city of lights and the Eiffel tower printed. Truly a work of art that looks great wrapped around your neck.

Tie Dye Ombré Cashmere Scarf

Beautiful hand woven cashmere scarf in a brown and blue Ombré. Perfect to top off an outfit.