Portillo Secrets – How to Pack for Your Portillo Ski Trip

Hear from top pro skier and model/spokesperson Amie Engerbretson on how to pack for your Portillo ski trip.

Ski Portillo is one of the top ski resorts in the world located in Chile. Their season runs from mid June into early October. Whether you are a die hard skier or just looking to do something new, a Portillo ski trip is one of the best summer vacations you can take. It’s great for friends, families, couples, and individual travelers.

You would think that since you are going to winter that you should pack your suitcase full of sweaters, but once you are inside the hotel, it is actually quite warm. The guests in Portillo come from around the world, including nearby Brazil and Argentina, as well as Chile and they are quite fashion forward. If you haven’t noticed that 1 in every 3 supermodels are from Brazil, then you will when you get to Portillo. So bring your best clothing because people dress for dinner and then move onto the bar and disco. So a button down shirt for men/boys and nice looking tops, dresses, and heels for women. Come and show your stuff, It’s Latin America, Vamos!