I feel compelled to share my latest findings on the new, sexy OSBE Cherry Red helmet. Yes, I did say sexy and helmet in the same sentence. SNOW did quite a few photo shoots this year that included the OSBE helmets; I loved the look, but wondered what it would be like to actually ski in. I’m one of those people who like a very tight helmet and goggle interface. I tear up easily and don’t like wind in my eyes. I also  worry about the dreaded “Gaper Gap” when your goggles don’t fit perfectly into your helmet and you have a big space between them.
Here is the dirt, the helmet visor is so big that it acts like a big windscreen to protect you from the wind. It is also so big that it give you more coverage from the sun. As the dermatologists say, a physical barrier is always the best.
I took this helmet through its paces, I did high speed groomers with World Cup Winner Pepi Strobl from Austria. I hiked Highlands Bowl with Seven Summit Record Holder Annabelle Bond and also took the helmet for a text drive at Cloud 9 in Aspen for some table dancing in the helmet. I was safe and made a fashion statement at the same time! Check them out at www.osbeusa.com