By Krista Schmidinger

I was 2 ½ the first time I put skis on my feet. I skied my way onto the US Ski team just 12 ½ years later. I went on to participate in two Olympics and have been skiing now for close to half a century. My passion beyond skiing was fashion. I wanted to design and wear turtlenecks that reflected who I am, my spirit, my dedication to excellence, my love for the ski life and of the fierce competition inherent in ski racing. I also wanted it to reflect my every day “practical” life of being a mom, a partner, and a business woman. Thus SAVINE women’s ski apparel took flight. As an Olympic skier, I’ve had the good fortune to ski the best resorts in the world. As you know, each resort is different and has its own personality. This was to be the inspiration for my designs; I began to design women’s ski tops that were sparked by the “personality” of my favorite ski slopes. Ski runs, like people, are all very individual, some are smooth and easy going and some are bumpy and wild. Some runs, like people, are as gentle as the falling snow and others are unruly, thus resembling my 6-year-old daughter.

I’d like to introduce you to my unique creations which are just like the ski stations that inspired them.

Wanderer, a quiet and quintessential New England meandering slope way to the right of the Summit gondola at Stratton, was my first creation.  Cozy and easygoing, it’s a great end of the day, ego-boasting cruising trail back to the lodge.  The garment’s original artwork combines youthful confidence with artistic freedom.

Next came Meribel, I’d dreamed of being an Olympian since I was 12 years old.  Meribel, France was the sight of the 1992 Winter Olympics, where I competed and placed 12th in the Combined Downhill event and 11th in the Downhill.  I had the run of my life in the downhill portion of the Combined DH event placing 2nd, so of course, it’s one of my favorites.  You can view it on  It’s pretty cool and so is this design.  It’s a bit like French women- not afraid to be sophisticated, but with a little edge!

Tofano embodies my affinity for Cortina, Italy.  Whose jaw doesn’t drop at the majesty of the Dolomites?  The Tofano shoot is a gnarly section right out of the start house of the women’s World Cup downhill course.  Once you make it through the Tofano free fall, the course keeps the ants in your pants until you cross the finish line to then be rewarded with all the beauty that is Italy.  Who needs a gold medal in this finish corral? The Tofano top has the right combination of contrasting colors to balance the scary schuss with the calming beauty.

And so, the creations continue for next season. As you can imagine, the best part of designing SAVINE is that I have the perfect excuse to retreat to the slopes in search of inspiration.

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See you on the slopes!