Skiing is a metaphor for life, some days you are out on the mountain and you are at one with it. Every turn flows into the next, you get early edge and pressure so you move through the fall line with grace and mastery, the moguls are soft and the lines are perfect, you don’t force things, and you have great touch. You are in balance, you play with the mountain and the terrain. On these days, the sun is shining, you relish the fresh air and scenery. Your ski outfit looks great, compliments fly in from strangers on the slopes, the tune on your skis is flawless; you are the person in tourism brochures.

Then there are the days, when you can’t buy a turn, you are forcing every movement, in the back seat, trying way too hard, and it seems like it is the end of the world. This is the “mogul run” of being a new business owner. There are days where you can do no wrong and you “rip” through everything, logging success after success. Infectious enthusiasm and creativity just pours out of you. Then there are the days when everywhere you look there are icy “coral heads” waiting to take you down!
I am thankful for the chance to ski to give me some perspective to know that there will always be plenty of fresh courderoy, corn, and powder days ahead. I’m also thankful to my friends and family who pick me up when I do a “yard sale” and keep doing it and doing it and doing it.