Into the Mind

Last night I bought the film “Into the Mind” from the Action Sports section of On Demand. I’ve been hearing great things about the film and the team from Sherpas Cinema. My only disappointment was that I was seeing the film in my home rather than on a huge screen, but the good thing about seeing it at home is I could ooh and aah and say wow all I wanted without bothering anyone.

I’ve been around long enough to have seen most of the modern day evolution of ski films from Warren Miller, to Greg Stump’s films, to TGR, Matchstick and more. Each has evolved the art form in their own way while doing great things for the sport of sliding on snow. Sherpas Cinema “Into the Mind” has taken the genre of ski films into another dimension.
I am humbled by the magnificence of the cinematography. Nothing is happenstance, every angle, every frame takes them further from the competition. My dad was an ophthalmologist, so he knows the intricacies of how the eye works and has shared this with me. As he teaches me photography he constantly strives to get me to see things differently, not to just rock up and push the button. Marcel Proust says that “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” The Sherpas Cinema team gave me new eyes. The time I spent working through the lines in the mountain peaks as well as the lines on the face of the old Nepali man with his spinning prayer wheel was way too short. Having spent months in Nepal through the years, I felt immediately transported back to Kathmandu, back to little tea houses with smoke permeating the space. The Canada segments were nothing short of majestic.
If you are a lover of mountains and snow, buy this film, it will make a life changing impact.