Private Powder Perfection

Mike Wiegele – Albreda Lodge opened December 2004, and offers exclusive access to the finest skiing Mike Wiegele Heli-Skiing has to offer. With over 1.2 million acres of the most picturesque and breathtaking mountain terrain in the world right out the front door. The Albreda Lodge is located on the south side of Mount Albreda just 28 miles (45 km) north of Blue River, near the highest peak in the region, Albreda presents a matchless experience in exclusive luxury. Albreda Lodge was inspired by the old lodges of Europe, handcrafted from huge reused timbers and accommodates up to 20 guests.This private lodge is equipped with a fiber-optic link to the Blue River Heli-Village including a video link from the Mike Wiegele Heli-ski Guides Haus. Your private chef prepares gourmet meals and après ski treats. Enjoy fine wines and spirits in your private paradise. This lodge has its own ski shop and boutique, fitness room, sauna, hot tub, climbing wall and massage therapists. All rooms have a telephone, wireless internet, and TV. Everything about the Albreda Lodge is built around providing our heli-ski friends with the ultimate ski holiday. At the Albreda Lodge, your helicopter provides almost instant access to a selection of exciting 5,000 vertical foot runs including some of MWHS’s most famous runs, including Dixon Glacier, Mount Albreda, and Windfall. New this year, MWHS has added 300,000 acres to our Northeast quadrant of the Wiegele tenure. Come, be the first and help us explore this new pristine terrain and name some thrilling runs, in the infamous Rocky Mountains.