Helmet Huggers Helmet Covers. I think we can all agree on one thing… no matter what way you look at it, helmets are not cute. Okay, so the neon pink helmet is kind of close, but what happens when neon isn’t in anymore? Do you have to spend another $150 on a new helmet that hopefully lasts for more than one season?

The team at Helmet Huggers has an alternative. About 6 years ago a red devil-horned helmet cover found its way into their home on their baby brother’s helmet. They all agreed that it was cute for a 7 year old, but they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing red devil horns, though they did admire how well it matched his outfit. This got them thinking, why couldn’t they make a stylish helmet cover for women?  Thus Helmet Huggers was born. It is an East Coast based start up company that was founded by two sisters, Natalie and Stephanie, and their mother, Melanie.

Each Helmet Hugger is made in the USA and consists of a faux fur or fleece band that is sewn to the outside of a spandex shell. The ski and snowboard obsessed team has named each model after their favorite trails from the resorts they’ve skied on across the globe. Their collection of over 90 combinations of solid prints, funky prints, full furs and tame furs guarantees that there is a Helmet Hugger out there for you.

Who knew you could be safe and look stylish at the same time? Check out their website www.helmethuggers.com to purchase a helmet cover that expresses your style and personality.