Photo Courtesy of LISA Airplanes

Meet Akoya. It’s the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. It is a two-seat amphibian aircraft that has the capacity to take off and land on multiple surfaces including land, sea, and snow.  Their press release states “this upscale aircraft flirts with the heavens and makes the wildest desires possible”. How’s that for marketing? It has a top speed of 155mph with a range of over 1250 miles. It can take off and land in as little as 650 feet and is easily stored in your garage or on your yacht. Let’s talk technical now. The Akoya is a futuristic plane with retractable landing gear, seafoils, and integrated skis on swiveling wings. Unlike seaplanes, the Akoya seafoils do not alter its aerodynamics which make it the first aircraft to be as effective in the water as in the air. Another great fact is that you don’t need to hire a professional pilot to fly it. Any novice pilot who has passed the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Certificate can be the pilot. For those of you without your LSA Certificate, they offer a turnkey solution to future owners that includes flight training, plane customization (interior and exterior design), maintenance and after-sales service. Go ahead – flirt with the heavens and make all your wildest desires come true! For further information on AKOYA :