Kaestle MX 99

High speed is the best part of the 2019 Kaestle MX 99. The typical term used for a wide carving ski like this is “race ski on steroids,” but that doesn’t quite do it justice. It offers an alternative to other big carvers like the Volkl Mantra or Blizzard Bonafide but those other skis are more freeride oriented. The MX 99 is a trail ski first and foremost, that just happens to be wide enough to handle some fresh snow and certainly some chop. An all-new ski for this year, the Kaestle MX 99 has a lot of camber and a flat tail with no taper or splay. The tail is what gives this ski its power, and there aren’t a whole lot of skiers out there that would require more performance out of a ski than this one provides