Spyder’s Julia Mancuso – No Rules Lifestyle

SNOW caught up with Olympic Gold Medalist and Spyder athlete Julia Mancuso to get insights into her “No Rules” lifestyle. Julia is known for pushing boundaries in sport and in life. Her “No Rules” lifestyle is what takes her to the top. We wanted to get her take on a number of Rule Bound subjects.



“Confidence comes from setting yourself up for success by daily actions. For me, it is taking a minute or two in the morning to meditate on having an awesome, positive, wonderful day to being on the slopes. My confidence on the slopes comes from all the hours I train in the summer, getting me into the best shape possible so I know I can handle anything when I get out there”



“Beauty on the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside, so I really try to pay attention to what I’m putting in my body. I look forward to fueling myself with healthy food that gets me through the day. Every meal I eat or prepare, I really pay attention to the nutrients  I’m gaining and all the energy I’m creating from what I put into my body. Eating organic and getting enough protein is key. I stay away from inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy, and I try to eat really clean. My number one rule, I know I said “No Rules”, but this one is critical, is to stay away from packaged foods. If you’re eating healthy and clean,  that means eating wholesome fresh foods and staying away from packaged goods, then you’re going to be in a good spot. Everyone should just feel comfortable in their own skin, whether you want to glam it up or go au natural on the slopes, there are no rules. Just make sure you wear SPF, even if it’s cloudy because the sun can get through the clouds, and of course we want to make sure our skin stays fresh. Another tip is to wear a nice neck gator to keep the elements away and prevent windburn. Our skin tends to get a little red when we expose it to the elements.”



“As you most of you know, my favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, but the thing I like the most is that we can all be our own superhero. Whether you are dressing up or not, every girl out there has some sort of superhero beneath it all. That’s how I came up with wearing a tiara, because every girl is a princess, everyday. We can all own our life and rule the world.”



“Being in shape is part of enjoying your time on the slopes, whether you are a ski racer or not, I’m sure you spend some time in the gym doing something to get ready for winter. My personal favorite is hitting the Pilates machines, I love functional training and making sure my whole body is balanced. The best approach is to focus on your weakest muscles. You are only as strong as your weakest link. If you are having any issues, it’s good to address them before you hit the slopes so you don’t have any injuries. Otherwise you will spend more time at the physical therapist’s office than on the slopes, believe me, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.”



“Comebacks are something I’m learning a little bit more about lately, and let me tell you, perseverance is key. Whenever any doubt comes into your mind, you have  to  put up the stop signs. Someone is going to be saying that you can’t do it. Every day I focus on staying super positive and focusing on my goals. I’m excited to reach my goals, to be back on the slopes, back in the World Cup start gate, and last but not least, I’m very excited to stand back on the top of the podium. Anytime I have any fear that it’s not possible, I wipe that memory clean. I  put in a new vision of what’s going to happen and I envision myself fulfilling my every dream and desire. There is really only one way to live your life and that’s in a positive mindset. Perseverance is the key word and courage will get you through any comeback”



“I’m so incredibly grateful to spend all of my days outside in nature, and that’s what inspires me to be a better human. I’m inspired everyday just by spending my time in the mountains. Nature has given us a beautiful gift by allowing us to spend time outdoors with friends enjoying the slopes and skiing. I do everything I can to give back to Mother Earth all the time. Things like recycling and paying attention to our carbon footprint make a big difference. I know it’s tough as a skier because we have to wear all these clothes and fly places to get to the mountains, but at the end of the day I try to give back as much as I can. I encourage you to do the same and  care for our environment because it gives us so much joy.”


Cross Training

“The cool thing about being in the mountains is that every sport you do in the summer crosses over to skiing a little bit. Whether you enjoy your time out mountain biking,  hiking or trail running,  you use all your proprioceptor muscles that you need on the slopes since no two turns are ever the same. All those proprioceptors really help when you get out skiing. I personally enjoy surfing and I love stand up paddling. The ocean is so similar to the snow as the conditions are changing all the time. This really helps train me when I don’t even know that I’m training. So make sure that you just get out there and enjoy every kind of activity all the time. I guarantee you’ll see an improvement on the mountain.”