Summer luxury adventure

Cheers to the Hotel Jerome  in Aspen, CO for taking the experience of summer luxury adventure expeditions to a new level. I love to do adventurous things, but am I wrong to want to enjoy the good things in life alongside my adventures? Here are a few exclusive things to do i discovered next time you find yourself in the Colorado rocky mountains.

White water rafting

Rafting in Aspen - Hotel Jerome summer luxury adventureCheers again to the Hotel Jerome in Aspen for extending the traditional vacation experience by offering summer luxury adventure expeditions. For those of you who think that white water rafting in the daytime is too bland, the Hotel Jerome has found a way to take adventure to the next level. Part of Auberge Properties, the historic Hotel Jerome has a variety of summer adventure designed to thrill as you chart courses you’ve never done before. After watching the sun set in a sky ablaze with colors, you pull into a private beach area set with flaming tiki torches and, et voila, a private chef appears to prepare a gourmet dinner while you sit by a crackling fire. Just when you think that life can’t get any better, you get back in the raft with Night Vision Goggles; if anything could heighten the experience, it is doing it under the cover of nightfall.


Next item on the summer luxury adventure menu is hiking to American and Cathedral Lakes, some of the Aspen area’s most beautiful lakes, places mostly known to locals. Hiking at altitude is strenuous, but the Hotel Jerome has provided homemade treats to tide you over till you finish the hike and make your way to the Pine Creek Cookhouse. -Surrounded by famous peaks, tired from a strenuous hike, the wine pours easily, and you will enjoy delicacies such as smoked trout and venison sausage.


For those of you who want the summer luxury adventure experience of fishing on Gold Medal Award winning rivers, The Hotel Jerome has private guides that take you to get “kitted out” so you are ready to cast to your hearts’ content. You will probably work up an appetite on the river, so dig into the gourmet picnic lunch that was provided. If you “hook up”, the Executive Chef Rob Zack will clean your fish and prepare dinner to go with it that you can enjoy privately in your room or on the 4th floor private balcony overlooking the town of Aspen.

Overnight excursions

My favorite item on the summer luxury adventure menu is their overnight excursions to Crested Butte. If this trip isn’t on your bucket list, then you need to add it right now.  You drive up to the Maroon Bells and then take the East Maroon Trail all the way to Crested Butte. Hike through fields of wildflowers, cross rivers, and take in the majesty of Pyramid Peak. The trail ends about seven miles from Crested Butte, where transportation will be waiting to take you into town. Check into the quaint Elk Mountain Lodge, shower, then hit the town to experience the eclectic shops and business of Crested Butte. Since they have sorted out every detail, your table is booked at Soupcon if you like French cuisine, or at The Wooden Nickel if you want something with a local Crested Butte flair.

Book yourself this summer for the expected luxurious stay at the Hotel Jerome, but make sure to find time for the unexpected treats and summer luxury adventures on the adventure menu.

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