Cordiality and hospitality are the foundations of the proud history of the hotel Hospiz, St. Christoph in the Arlberg. The philanthropic ideal that originally led to the foundation of the accommodation has been the essential element of the luxurious Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in Austria up to the present day.

For six centuries the hospice on the Arlberg was a life saving refuge until 1884, when the construction of the railroad tunnel through the Arlberg massif was started and the number of people daring the perilous journey over the mountain dwindled. After that, the hospice fell into disrepair. Carl Ganahl, the regional governor of the province of Vorarlberg, the grandfather of the owner of the hospice Arnold Ganahl, had the ancient building put under monument protection. Since 1959 the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel radiates with renewed splendour. It quickly gained a reputation for being the most modern and beautiful hotel at the Arlberg massif far beyond the Austrian borders. A new era was born at the Arlberg massif: an age of luxury, fantastic skiing conditions and legendary hospitality.

Hotel Hospiz, St. Christoph

In addition to the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, the arlberg1800 RESORT comprises the Alm Residence Suites, the Hospiz Alm Restaurant, the Chalet Skyfall and the new arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall with adjoining arlberg1800 Chalet Suites.Guests staying at the arlberg1800 RESORT have access to the resort’s five restaurants, outstanding wine cellars, from a large-bottle cellar to a wine cellar dating back to 1386, extensive sports area, kids club and a vast state- of-the-art Sport+Spa.

Home to the iconic Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, originally built in 1386 as a refuge, arlberg1800 RESORT has been owned and operated by three generations of the Werner Family. For almost 700 years, the Hospiz has cocooned its guests in a delightful atmosphere of warmth during the traditional winter ski season. In line with the launch of the arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall and Suites the RESORT will be also open in summer for groups for meetings, incentives, conventions and events

At the heart of arlberg1800 RESORT is the new arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall. Bringing the Renaissance salons, in which the exchange of ideas and learning flourished, into the 21st century. The new arts hub aims to facilitate a dialogue between artists, musicians and the public.

Rooms at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel: The 87 rooms and suites at the hotel in St. Christoph are unique, spacious and modern. The individually appointed rooms at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in Austria will fulfil your demands: modern comfort and rustic Tyrolean charm form a perfect unity at 5,906ft above sea level. Your hosts have plucked five stars from evaluation heaven, which becomes evident in every room or suite: marble baths, tiled stoves, plenty of space and a fantastic view over the mountains of the Austrian Alps.Hotel Hospiz, St. Christoph
The attractive room rates at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel include a range of basic and additional services. Make the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, your paradise in St. Christoph, your home and enjoy a high level holiday. The hustle and bustle in the valley below cannot be heard and the stars feel close enough to touch. Traditional charm is on show in the rooms and suites of the Arlberg hotel in Tyrol: Exclusive features in the marble bathrooms, comfortable fabrics, large beds, beautiful interiors, partially open fireplaces and plenty of space make the rooms and suites top-quality oases of well-being. In addition to an imaginative and delicious breakfast buffet, the room rates include numerous services.

A sports and wellness holiday at the Arlberg is every day a new experience. The spacious 2,000 m² of wellness area on two levels enable sport activities and recovery every day from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm. Generous size, aesthetics, well-being and art : Wellness at the Arlberg appeals to all your senses. At the 2,000 m² spa on two levels you will everything you are looking for: sports, wellness holiday relaxation, beauty and fitness.
Hotel Hospiz, St. Christoph