Heli Ski Heaven at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Photos Courtesy of Greg Harms

Heli Ski Heaven at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

The last day of adult summer camp at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge had come way too quickly. Chefy cooked us each an amazing and unique breakfast and Manny baked us yummy treats and served us luscious mangos, grapefruit, melon, cantaloupe, kiwi, and blueberries. I asked him what one of the baked goods was and his answer was, “Love, do you want some?”

Of course you know what my answer was. Since we all had Kings, we spent the last day heli skiing. Greg Harms, our guide, found a nice warm up run for us to get our legs moving in the right direction; the snow was soft and buttery. He slowly increased the pitch and the length of the runs and we were in Heli Heaven. We skied till we were beyond starving, even after our massive breakfast and Tommy Moe found a nice place at the top of a peak to have lunch. We met up with the other group, shared stories, stuffed our faces, and washed it all down with our beverage of choice, Veuve Rose.


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