Here are some quick concepts based on my first visualizations – inspired by Shuman Resonances, Ferrocell Magnetic fields, and the Torus energy field. Next i will explore sacred geometry and the electric universe theory.


Each atom, and everything on the planet is surrounded by it’s own energy field known as The Torus. This self-sustaining balanced dynamic energy flow process, is the base for everything powerful on the planet; consisting of a single axis and two vortices. Energy passes through one vortex, along the center of the axis, out the other vortex, wraps back around the circumference and renews by passing through the original vortex. This shape can be clearly seen in some of nature’s most powerful creations: the tornado, the whirlpool, the black hole, magnetic fields, energy fields around planets and the sun, etc. It is also found around each living organism such as people and plants. The Earth’s Torus is run through the center of the planet and creates our atmosphere.

“All things, material and spiritual, originate from one source and are related as if they were one family. The past, present, and future are all contained in the life force. The universe emerged and developed from one source, and we evolved through the optimal process of unification and harmonization.”

~ Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace