SNOW is driven when it comes to fabulous mountain fashion. Here’s a sneak peek at the recently released Fall/Winter 2014 Cashmere Collection from GORSKI.

GORSKI Cashmere. GORSKI is one of the leading fashion companies for high-end winter-wear in the world.  Based in Quebec City, Canada, the company has three decades of experience creating sought-after fur coats.  Its visionary founder, Leonard Gorski, is one of the most respected names in the industry and he has been at the forefront of fashion innovation since the 1980s. The brand is consistently featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas book, one of the most recognized and popular holiday fashion catalogs.

GORSKI prides itself on using natural and organic furs directly from the source and is one of the leading purveyors of sable, chinchilla, and mink furs.  Traditional meets modern in cutting-edge chic styles, hand-cuts, and colors.  GORSKI designers only make their products from the highest quality swatches, so there’s no doubt that each fur coat is tailored to the highest standards possible.  A GORSKI collection fur is one of this year’s holiday must-haves!

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