Go on a ski trip – Come home younger

Or Look Like You’ve Had Professional Retouching in Person!

In the old days, we’d go skiing and hope to come home with a “ski tan” where we’d have white goggle lines around our eyes. These days we’ve gotten smarter and glob on sunscreen and cover up as much as possible with scarfs and bandanas.

In a town like Aspen you have a chance to view a veritable smorgasbord of plastic surgery, on the rich and famous and then on just the rich. Many times you can’t help but wonder why they did it. They were so naturally beautiful before. But we all feel the effects of age and want to look our best. Well, now there is a new way to improve your looks without surgery and the fear of coming out looking like Daffy Duck. It is via a time tested procedure called Ultherapy.

Dr. Kenneth Mark has recently brought this unique and innovative treatment to Aspen.  Ultherapy uses Ultrasound to stimulate collagen growth. Unlike other treatments on the market that use laser or radiofrequency, the Ulthera technician can see the layers of the skin before delivering the energy. There is no down time because Ultherapy leaves the surface layer of the skin intact, so there is not any peeling, scabbing or crusting. It does deliver energy deeper than any other device/laser on the market. It goes to the same depth a plastic surgeon cuts during a facelift.

We asked Dr. Mark why Ultherapy is so different and he explained “it is the ONLY non-surgical treatment or device that is FDA-Cleared to say it “LIFTS” the skin of the brow/eye, face, and neck. It is also unique in that it is a one-time treatment, not a series of sessions.”

Dr. Mark said the number one comment from his patients is, “I can’t believe how much younger I look, especially my neck and jaw.”

Dr. Mark goes back and forth between the Hamptons and Aspen. Many of his patients are in both locations so it allows for continuity of care. Also, the Hamptons are quiet in the winter and that’s when it is peak season in Aspen.

I had the opportunity to have an Ultherapy treatment just a few weeks ago. I decided to focus on the area around my eyes. Denise Borenstein, the technician, was a top pro, and made me feel comfortable at once. I arrived and she put numbing cream on my face. I relaxed and listened to my music while it took effect. The procedure involves making a number of pulses around this entire area. It hurts a little, as they are basically making a small injury in your skin, but it is quick and the therapist can stop anytime you feel you need more time in between pulses. I have done laser treatments in the past and I thought Ultherapy was less painless than the laser blasts. Immediately after the treatment I could see a difference in my before and after photos, but here is the exciting news: It only gets better! The effects of the treatment really begin to kick in a few months later. There are  two peaks, one in three months and the other six months later as the delayed collagen stimulation kicks in. This lasts from 3 to 5 years.

I just did the area around my mouth last night. I left the session a little red and puffy, but within an hour the red went away and I could already start to see the effects.

Share this with friends who want to look younger and better. The results are really impressive and I’m less than a month out on my eyes and a day out on my mouth area.

For those of you worried about the pain, it really isn’t that bad, but don’t turn up for your session after happy hour! Alcohol will dilate your blood vessels and will not help with the pain at all.

The attached photo is courtesy of my father Gerald Sanders who lovingly erased all my wrinkles in photoshop. Come find me in Aspen to see how Ulthera did this in person!

For more info www.kennethMarkMD.com or (631) 283-0002