Gilson Boards – Ride Better Now

Their disruptive design will change your on mountain experience.

Hear from CEO Nick Gilson about RCR and how it can take you from ripping hardpack to dropping pillows of pow!

The Gilson Design

Developed by then-teenaged Nick Gilson, the hallmarks of the Gilson patent-pending design are its Raised Central Region and its Soft Edge Technology. The Raised Central Region (RCR)creates two “skis” along the base of the board that serve to decrease drag for faster acceleration and higher speeds in the groomed park, or can settle into the powder of the backcountry. With its Soft Edge Technology the steel edges are raised up off the snow allowing the board to drift, “butter”, turn and surf the snow while improving ride comfort and board versatility. These design elements combine to improve handling and reduce the chances of catching an edge (a slight lean engages the soft edge for directional adjustment while a more aggressive angle engages the hard edge for deep carving). Its unique design and material choices make Gilson Boards thinner, lighter and stronger than traditional alternatives, increasing board flex and pop for an all-mountain ride that is equally at home hugging a rail or bounding through powder, and will not chatter at high speeds.