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Folsom Skis Butts Up – Best skis (Graphics)

Folsom Skis Butts Up – A mix between the “mud flap girl” and 70’s surf t-shirts, these ski’s are sure to turn some heads! The blue on blue colors pop nice in the snow. Best skis 2016 – graphics.     –

Most skis are built to appeal to the average person so that the majority of skiers will have their basic needs “satisfied” by the skis.

BUT…We know you are not average, and your ski shouldn’t be, either.

Folsom Skis are built for you based on your gender, body type, weight, skiing style, preferred terrain, and any other needs or desires you feel are important to you and your ski day.

The results speak for themselves:

About Folsom Custom Skis
The fully custom ski is designed for customers interested in examining their skiing with us to figure out how to create the product that best facilitates the way they ski. We offer a thorough questionnaire for you to answer (although you don’t have to answer all the questions) specially designed to help us understand how you ski. We also accept video analysis of your skiing and/or the insight of industry professionals to help us complete the picture of your skiing.