Dahu Ski Boots Product Review

SNOW traveled to Ski Portillo Chile to do a Dahu Ski Boots product review before the start of the 2019 2020 ski season. Ski pro Joanie Valentine from the ski and snowboard schools of Aspen and Manuela Cappellini ski pro in Portillo Chile and St. Moritz Switzerland took them out for a test drive.

Right off the bat, both pros were impressed with the fit and comfort and ease of entry, now it was time to see about the boot’s performance on the hill. The lacing system of the inner boot allowed them to get a nice snug fit around their ankles. It has a soft inner liner that is stiff enough to provide great performance. Both pros think this is an added plus for women of all levels since physiologically, women’s calf muscles attach lower to the leg so they are often challenged by the fit around the ankle and heel. You can customize the fit to meet your individual needs.

They both feel like this might be one of the most versatile boots on the market since it has a lot to offer lower-level skiers all the way up to advanced skiers looking for high performance. The added bonus is that at the end of the ski day, you can take off the outer shell and walk around in the inner boot which has a sturdy sole.

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