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The CP Camurai visor helmets blend fashion with function.

Progression is a hot term in the cold world of skiing. Rockered skis, lightweight boots that boast slipper-esque comfort, sleek, stylish jackets as technical as anything on the market, incredibly warm base layers made from gold… Ski gear is constantly evolving and the line between fashionable and functional has disappeared. Every so often, something new comes along that revolutionizes our sport and lifestyle, and Swiss-based CP Helmets is the haute brand that everyone is talking about heading into this winter!

CP Camurai visors
CP Camurai visor options

It took an uber-talented global design team to create the CP visor ski helmet; a consortium consisting of fashion and sports experts from Zurich and Milan. The result of this 15-year collaboration of talent is the CP Camurai line of visor helmets. Slip on a CP Camurai helmet and you’ll feel that comfort and performance were a top priority in the design process. Goggles have been rendered obsolete because the of seven polarized, photo-chromatic, anti-fog, scratch-resistant visors that are seamlessly integrated with the helmet.

Skiers who have to wear eyeglasses are raving about the visor’s fit and compatibility with bifocals. And, the best part is: CP Helmets look fantastic! For the fashionable woman looking to add some bling to the slopes, the shiny CP Helmet with Swarosky diamonds is an absolute must-have. Men looking for stylish, lightweight protection are coveting the Camurai Carbon helmet. And, the line boasts models aimed at every skier in between. The team at Stefan Kaelin Ski & Golf is very proud to offer these innovative helmets to skiers via their online store and physical retail space in downtown Aspen, Colorado. For more information, visit or call 970-925-7844.