Compass Rose Lodge Utah

Utah reaches for the stars


From the Old West town of Ogden, Utah, the powdery haunts of Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are right in your backyard. And now, only minutes drive from first tracks, the new Compass Rose Lodge offers a relaxed base with 15 minimalist farmhouse-style rooms, a café, two-party tipis—and a vision that’s truly celestial. Built around a high-tech telescope that is part of Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar
Observatory. creators Jeff and Bonnie Hyde have blended historic and modern elements to offer guests heaven and earth. The onsite Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory (HALO) provides glimpses into neighboring celestial bodies such as rings of Saturn or Jupiter’s Galilean Moons, galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters. Generously donated by Dr. John Sohl, professor of Physics and Astronomy at Weber State University, the telescope was once used by the Late Dr. Stephen Hawking. Selfies are so passé when you can take home a snapshot of the galaxy instead.
Compass Rose Lodge

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