Classic Ski Sweaters 2015 from Fahlgren

History and heritage are integral elements of the Fahlgren collection, which harkens back to a time when a man’s uniform said it all: his alma mater, his club, his sport of choice. Sweaters and knitwear accessories are inspired by vintage European ski apparel, with racing stripes and bold colors reminiscent of a more glamorous era in alpine sport. Designer Brett Fahlgren grew up skiing in the Alps and Dolomites, and you can see the vintage inspiration in his winter collection. “If you go back and look at pictures of Jean-Claude Killy at his best in the late 60’s, his uniforms for the French World Cup team were outstanding. I wanted to harness that clean bold look with memorable colors.” We think he nailed it. You can shop these items below and more at

The Nordic Sweater $225:

Classic Ski Sweater 2015