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Pisco in Portillo – How To Make A Pisco Sour

When visiting Portillo, the famous Chilean cocktail Pisco Sour is hard to miss. Starting with a welcoming cocktail party on Sunday nights, you will encounter this delicious drink throughout the week. Maybe for lunch at Tio Bob’s after some great powder runs or when rocking out at the bar and closing down the Discotheque, the chilean cocktail is a popular choice. Jaime Cantillano teaches you how to make a pisco sour Chileno. A controversial topic amongst Chilean, the origin of Pisco is Chile and Peru. While both countries have differences in the production process and some would say flavor. One ... Read more

Hotel Portillo – The Sol de Portillo Ski Race

Hotel Portillo, Chile in South America is well known for the many activities it offers to guests visiting for the week. One of them is the famous Sol de Portillo ski race. Every Thursday this race offers guests of all levels, ages and disciplines to race against the clock for the chance to win a medal, cup and sometimes goodies from sponsors. With everyone from ski instructors, famous freeskiers like Chris Davenport to ski racers off the US or Austrian Ski Team, guests and the owners of Hotel Portillo are all participating, this race promises to be one of the social highlights ... Read more

Heli Skiing Tips – Portillo, Chile

SNOW got a chance to ride a chairlift and chat with Portillo Instructor, Lifetime visitor and Heli Guide Carlos Liendo to get some heli skiing tips – Portillo, Chile. Having spent several years skiing the resort and now as a guide for the heli skiing operation, Carlos has the inside scoop on how to heli in Portillo. Some of his top heli skiing tips – Portillo, Chile 1.- You don’t need to book the helicopter for the day. If you are unsure if heli skiing is for you or spent too many hours in the discotheque and don’t think you ... Read more

Portillo Ski School Legend – Heidi Knauss

Heidi Knauss, Portillo ski school legend is one of Portillo’s longest standing ski instructors and a favorite of many guests. A legend in Portillo, she has been teaching for over 40 years, ever since she first arrived from Switzerland on a boat trip that took over 3 weeks to go from Europe to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Heidi also teaches yoga at the hotel every night and plays the accordion every Thursday at the Sol de Portillo ski race awards ceremony. Hear the story of her journey to Portillo, what keeps her coming back year after year and why this is ... Read more

Heli Skiing – Portillo, Chile

Portillo is the premier ski destination in the Southern Hemisphere. It is well known for its unique in-bounds terrain with runs like Roca Jack, the Lake Run and the High Traverse.

Henry Purcell – Portillo, Chile Experience

If there is one thing that makes Portillo, Chile special, besides its amazing terrain, it is the people who are part of it. The owners and the staff that have been there season after season and witnessed families return to the ski resort, one generation after the other, and of course the guests. Resort owner Henry Purcell – Portillo leader and the man behind the resort has seen a lot in the 60+ years of operation does a chairlift interview with SNOW going up the famous Juncalillo chairlift that crosses above the famous switchbacks of the Caretera International. Portillo is known ... Read more

SNOW Photo Shoot – Portillo, Chile

Photos by Jonathan Selkowitz Video by Julie Anderson SNOW Photo Shoot – Portillo, Chile Superstar, Supermodel Athletes Julia Mancuso, Lynsey Dyer, and Jamie Anderson show off their top form for the SNOW photo shoot – Portillo, Chile. These top athletes were in Portillo shooting for Go Pro. Jamie Anderson, Olympic Gold Medalist from Sochi in Slopestyle, Julia Mancuso, Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, and Lynsey Dyer, Big Mountain FreeSkier and Filmmaker found some time in their nonstop schedules to don vintage Ski Portillo Sweaters and post with racing skis from the early 60s. Find out more about these amazing ... Read more

Ski Portillo Secrets – Top Activities for Kids

Ski Portillo Secrets – Top Activities for Kids Ski Portillo is one of the best places in the world for kids. Beyond skiing all day and exploring the mountain, the hotel itself is a world class playground. The bottom floor of the hotel includes a game room that offers Foos Ball, Pool, Air Hockey, and has a climbing wall. Right next door is a full court basketball court that doubles as the indoor soccer court. Further down the hall is the disco which has parties for kids and a kids disco. Next you have the pool and hot tub. Kids ... Read more

Ski Portillo Secrets – Tea Time

Ski Portillo Secrets – Tea Time Ski Portillo is a magical ski resort in the Andes right on the border of Chile and Argentina. The highest peak in both the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, Aconcagua rises above the resort and you can catch a glimpse when you go heli skiing or hike the Super C. Ski Portillo is unique in the resort world in that they feed their guests not two times a day, nor three times a day, but 4 times a day. They have a wonderful tradition of tea time from 5pm to 6pm after skiing ... Read more

Ski Portillo Secrets – The Southern Cross

Portillo Secrets – The Southern Cross Hear another secret about Portillo from Mountain Manager Michael Rogan. If you have never been to the Southern Hemisphere, then you haven’t had a chance to see the Southern Cross. It is one of the coolest constellations and Portillo provides great access. Stargazing is enhanced because there is not a lot of light competing with the starlight. Another great way to enjoy stargazing in Portillo is to go for a walk outside the hotel at night. Head down toward the pool so you are away from the lights of the hotel. If you are ... Read more

Portillo Secrets – Chris Davenport

Portillo Secrets – Chris Davenport Portillo Ski Resort in Chile is one of the most iconic hotels in the world. The large yellow building is like a cruise ship docked on the shores of Laguna del Inca at the base of the Andes. It is a place steeped in history and there are hundreds of stories of things that happen #onlyinPortillo . If those walls could talk, they would have a lot to say about some of South America’s luminary families and the best ski racers in the world. Even if you’ve been to Portillo multiple times, you may not ... Read more

Portillo Secrets – How to Pack for Your Portillo Ski Trip

Portillo Secrets – How to Pack for Your Portillo Ski Trip Hear from top pro skier and model/spokesperson Amie Engerbretson on how to pack for your Portillo ski trip. Ski Portillo is one of the top ski resorts in the world located in Chile. Their season runs from mid June into early October. Whether you are a die hard skier or just looking to do something new, a Portillo ski trip is one of the best summer vacations you can take. It’s great for friends, families, couples, and individual travelers. You would think that since you are going to winter ... Read more

Portillo Secrets – Latin Dining

Portillo Secrets – Latin Dining On-Mountain Manager Michael Rogan shares Portillo secrets – Latin Dining. Portillo is unique in that they feed you, not 2 times a day, not 3 times, but 4 times a day. There is a grand dining room that looks out over Laguna del Inca where guests have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or “once”, and dinner. Guests can also dine on the mountain at Tio Bob’s Restaurant or at the Ski Box. Dining in the bar is also a fun option where guests can order fun things like sushi, fondue, brochettes, etc Latinos eat later than ... Read more

Portillo Secrets – The Ski School

Portillo Secrets – The Ski School Ski Portillo in Chile is one of the most amazing ski destinations in the world. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, Portillo sits high in the Andes on the border of Argentina with Aconcagua rising stately above it. Many of the guests come from the US, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina, but the ski school is made up of top pros from around the alpine world including the US, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Argentina, and of course, from Chile. The Ski School Director Robin Barnes shares Portillo secrets and gives us the inside scoop on why the ... Read more

Day in the Life – Julia Mancuso in Portillo

Photo courtesy of Peter Pobyipicz Julia Mancuso in Portillo Julia Mancuso gives us a Go Pro eye’s view to life in Portillo, Chile. From running gates and skiing powder, to a little pool time in the afternoon. If you book in early September you might just run into Julia Mancuso in Portillo. The US Women’s team trains in Portillo to prepare for the upcoming season of World Cup Ski Racing. Book yourself in at