Milano is known as the center of the universe for music, but Aspen is surely its little sister when it comes to attracting the best of the best in the music world. Buccellati, the top Milanese fine jewelry house in Italy, has stepped up to sponsor the Aspen Music Festival, which is in its 66th consecutive season of performances. Buccellati is sponsoring the Aspen Music Festival as part of the brand’s commitment to supporting arts and music.

Buccellati shares a strong tie to the arts of the past, evidenced through the brands use of handmade Renaissance jewelry‐making techniques and designing in a style that brings to mind the Italian master goldsmiths of Botticelli, Brunelleschi and Donatello.

Alberto Milani, CEO of Buccellati Inc. states, “We are proud of our continuous support of ” “It is a true testament of Buccellati’s passion for Aspen and its art. By keeping the arts of the past alive and prevalent prevalent in the present day, Buccellati is forging the way for future generations to enjoy these gifts that have been passed down through time.”

A benefit took place on August 12, 2014 at the home of Richard Edwards, a fabulous Victorian building in downtown Aspen. The Buccellati Geminato necklace was on display for all to see; the necklace was a donation to the Aspen Music Festival valued at $18,000. The evening culminated in a Gala performance of Carmen at the historic Wheeler Opera House where a silent auction took place with all proceed going to benefit the Aspen Music School.