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Bogner – In Sync

Bogner’s new ski helmet and goggle collection syncs headgear with high-fashion skiwear… proving safety can be beautiful.

The act of matching headwear to skiwear has been simplified thanks to Bogner, an alpine fashion innovator whose efforts to sync a skier’s “slopelook” has produced a line of select ski helmets and goggles that meld seamlessly with Bogner’s classic skiwear collections. SNOW Magazine checked in with the Bogner Sport Design Team to discover more about its 2015 selections of sleek, highly technical, highly detailed, and oft-hand-crafted accessories that sport Bogner’s discriminating insignia: the capital B.

SNOW: These Bogner accessories are stunning, what does a Bogner consumer consider essential in a helmet?

BOGNER: Technical features like maximum safety, ease and perfect comfort are as important for our sophisticated consumers as an unobtrusive silhouette with extraordinary design and materials. Safety can also be beautiful.

SNOW: How essential is design and detail?

BOGNER: The Bogner consumer expects the helmet to fit perfectly with his or her ski outfit. Therefore, in addition to the matching colors and original materials, applications from the skiwear are partially processed by hand into the helmet. The Bogner lovers are looking at each product according to the smallest details. Therefore details play a very important role in the development of the helmets for a clear differentiation.

SNOW: Which Bogner helmet are you most excited about this season?

BOGNER: That is not an easy answer because we have several highlights in the range for this season. The greatest challenge was the development of the Bogner Dragon Helmets. The shell of the helmet was embroidered with the original Dragon design from the Bogner Sport collection onto the highest quality velours leather. More than 1,300 yards of yarn was processed at a pace of three hours per helmet. We’re very excited to find out how our consumers react to this artwork — our retailers were amazed.

SNOW: The Bogner Bamboo helmet is very sleek. Tell us about the genesis of using bamboo in a helmet.

Bogner Bamboo helmet

BOGNER: The heart of every Bogner ski is its bamboo core. Eleven years ago the first Bogner Bamboo Ski came out with the help of Willy Bogner, and Bogner’s first bamboo helmet followed a year later. The result was one of the most photographed ski equipment collections ever.

SNOW: What benefits does a helmet made of bamboo have over helmets made of other materials?

BOGNER: Bamboo is known not only as the fastest renewable resource on earth, but also as an enormously resisting material in architecture. Bamboo’s tensile strength is even tougher than steel — no other natural material is harder, more flexible or more robust. Therefore bamboo is predestined for use in a ski helmet. After our initial safety testings, we had to undergo an impact test with sharp objects on the bamboo helmet. The result was surprising: The shell crafted from bamboo was more resistant than high-tech carbon. We’re excited to announce that two additional bamboo helmet versions will be launched in the coming 2015/16 ski season.

SNOW: Bogner’s Saami Helmet incorporates Swarovski crystals in its design. Who is the designer and what feeling were they trying to convey?

Bogner Helmet Saami

BOGNER: In this case, the creator of the design was the chief designer at Bogner Apparel. The challenge was to implement it, but not to hurt the pride of the Saami indigenous people with a sparkling chi-chi design on the helmet. Therefore the helmet looks exciting but nevertheless elegant.

SNOW: What is a “Northern Scandinavian Sami” and how does it play into the Saami Helmet’s design?

BOGNER: This theme is influenced by the traditional hand-braided ribbons that the Sami people indigenous to the north of Fenno-Scandinavia make with tender loving care to adorn their clothes.

SNOW: What other elements are considered necessities in a Bogner helmet?

BOGNER: All Bogner helmets, apart from exceptional materials on the outer shell and interior specialties, have Tech Leather chin straps which provide a comfortable fit, the functional fiber “COOLMAX” dries very quickly. In addition, the helmet has a ventilation system which provides in winter—as in summer—sufficient air.

SNOW: In summer?

BOGNER: All Bogner helmets also have road approval in European countries, and are therefore also suitable for biking in cities. Simply remove the ear pads and there you go…

SNOW: What are the essential design elements and features in the Bogner Racing helmet.

BOGNER: The design of the racing helmet seems simple at first glance. It is very clear and signals dynamics. But the perfect look can only be achieved by finding the perfect relations of the different stripes an colors. One stripe too thin and the whole design would be destroyed. Consumers love these helmets because of their ability to turn an inconspicuous ski outfit into a total highlight.

SNOW: How does a Racing helmet fit with Bogner Sport skiwear designs?

BOGNER: Every year we create seasonal highlights, perfectly fitted to annual collections which frame our standard collection—colored white, black and silver—perfectly. So there will be the perfect helmet for everyone´s outfit.

SNOW: We see Bogner Goggles in bright, fun colors—what was the inspiration for these?


BOGNER: The colored goggles with their spherical lenses made of unbreakable polycarbonate are an absolute eye-catcher and provide a perfect view in all weather conditions. Perfectly fitted to the Bogner Sport collection, the goggles can either be the icing on the cake to your outstanding Bogner ensemble, or the absolute highlight to rather inconspicuous outfits. No matter which color you chose, an extraordinary look is guaranteed.

SNOW:  In Bogner philosophy, should a helmet or goggle stand out and make a fashion statement, or should it blend with the rest of the outerwear?

BOGNER: Both. The collection offers strong statement products but also strong basic colors. We also aspire to inspire customers who have not already been equipped with a Bogner outfit.

SNOW: Thank you, we’ve enjoyed learning more about Bogner’s beautiful new ski accessories.

BOGNER: You are welcome!


For more styles and additional information, please visit bogner.com