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Meet Bogner Sport’s Chief Designer Gotthardin Thylmann

SNOW gets Thylmann’s take on this ski season’s colorful new Bogner Sport-wear.


SNOW: We’re intrigued by Bogner Sport’s latest ad in SNOW Magazine – a skier surfing a giant wave. Where did the inspiration for that ad come from?

THYLMANN: Skiing on a giant wave? Those who chat with Willy Bogner’s stunt legend, John Eaves, about such things should be careful, as Willy Bogner knows from experience. A crazy idea is enough… mention one and John has already pulled out his mobile and is calling up buddies. That’s how it was this time, too: Big wave surfer “Chuck” Patterson became the pioneer who took on Hawaii’s monster waves on skis in a Bogner racing suit. It’s classic Bogner—always on location when a crazy idea becomes reality, regardless of whether it’s on snow, on ice, or in giant mountains of waves.

SNOW: Brilliant shades of yellow, red, green and blue appear in Bogner Sport’s latest designs… why so much color?

THYLMANN:  In the snowy mountains, under the sun and blue sky, it’s the ideal place to express one’s joy of life. We offer our customers the chance to experience this through our Brazilian- and Caribbean-inspired colors.

bogner ski wear
Bogner ski wear

SNOW: Which element do you love most in this year’s line?

THYLMANN:  Ethno Fusion Saami. This theme, which appears in our latest Bogner Sport collection, has been influenced by the traditional hand-braided ribbons that the Sami people make with tender loving care to adorn their clothing. The Sami people are indigenous to the north of Fenno-Scandinavia.

SNOW: Which technical feature in the clothing are you most excited about?

THYLMANN:  Most notably, we now have high-function, taped, extreme three-layer jackets with removable fur linings…  at top luxury level.

SNOW: Who are Bogner Sport’s signature consumers? What are  their goals and passions in life?

THYLMANN:  The Bogner customer is used to both quality and fit, as well as modern shapes and cuts. They are not interested in compromising, and they appreciate the quality of Bogner.

SNOW: How essential is fit and function in high fashion skiwear?

THYLMANN: Every single item of the Bogner Sport collection is tested regarding its functionality and is 100% suitable for extreme sports. Yet, as our jackets are rather expensive, it’s a consumer’s first glance in the mirror that decides if it’s a must-have or not. As a result, our styles combine fashion with functionality.

SNOW: We see Bogner goggles in bright, fun colors this season. What was the inspiration for these?

THYLMANN:  The colored goggles with their spherical lenses made of unbreakable polycarbonate are an absolute eye-catcher and provide a perfect view in all weather conditions. Perfectly fitting to the Bogner Sport collection, the goggles can either be the icing on the cake to your outstanding Bogner ensemble, or the absolute highlight of an inconspicuous outfit. No matter which color you choose – an extraordinary look is guaranteed.

SNOW: Where is Bogner Sport headed in the future?

THYLMANN:  Still on the road to success and always on the lookout for new trends, the most innovative techniques, and the most beautiful designs.

SNOW: Gotthardin Thylmann, thank you!

 Check out more at: www.Bogner.com