By Kelly Allen.

Denim Ski Wear : We all noticed it this season; we’d catch a glimpse of it in the lift line and do a double-take to make sure we weren’t imagining things. Who could have predicted that blue jeans for skiing would be such a hit? Without a doubt, denim was one of the most notable ski wear trends this past season. Luckily we’ve gotten a little smarter about how to wear it in the snow – no one is putting up with frozen jeans this time around. Instead, top brands like Bogner, Authier, Goldwin, etc have introduced the denim look onto ski pants, sacrificing nothing to make it look like you’re spending the day in your favorite pair of blues.

Maybe you weren’t quite ready to try denim this year; that’s okay, several brands have jumped on the trend so you can use the off-season to warm up to the idea. As we move into summer, be adventurous and try the all-denim look by designers like Alexander McQueen, or make a more subtle statement with a denim Louis Vuitton Handbag. Whatever you choose, prepare to see a sea of blue when you hit the slopes next winter – this trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon!

Alexander McQueenLouis Vuitton Denim Bag