Best Winter Fashion – Parajumpers 2016 2017

SNOW Host Amie Engerbretson speaks to ex Italian National Team member Marco Tonazzi about the best winter fashion – Parajumpers. Marco Tonazzi is also the owner of Valbruna Vail and has been with the brand Parajumpers since its inception. Parajumpers is only 10 years old, but this Italian brand has made a huge splash worldwide.

The brand Parajumpers was inspired by real life Paratroopers that risk their live, “So that others may live”. The designer was traveling in Alaska and met a Paratrooper in a bar and he and the life he lives became the inspiration for Parajumpers. The brand is both fashion forward, stylish, and a bit rugged. One of their signature coats is called “The Bear” and is a long knee length jacket with a fur hood. It is warm, form fitting, with great details inspired by the needs of real life Paratroopers.

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