“Excellence in Elegance” is the motto of Swiss helmet manufacturer CP. For more than 10 years, CP has stayed true to this, developing winter sport helmets for the discerning user. The Swiss helmets are made in Italy, placing top priority on outstanding process technology know-how and selection and use of materials for the optimal results.

Although it is true that the traditional ski helmet still has a large fan base, the all in one visor helmet is clearly the product of the future.

CP all in one visor helmets open up a new dimension on the piste. State-of-the-art construction technology combined with the use of light and ultra light materials provide a level of comfort never seen before in a helmet. The different, changeable visors give wearers outstanding vision in all weather. CP has also thought about the many wearers of eyeglasses out there. They no longer have to do without their customary clear vision when enjoying the mountain. They can simply wear their prescription eyeglasses under the closed visor, resulting in no fog, pinching or squeezing, a perfect fit and clear vision.

Functionality, safety, and style are a challenging combination for any developer. But CP accepts no compromises in this respect. Their craftsmen and designers live and breathe style and together have created a beautiful helmet collection.

All CP helmets are equipped with a unique Size Adapting System. A single dial allows perfectly adjusting the helmet to your head size, guaranteeing the perfect snug fit that will keep your head warm and protected. The helmets all feature an adjustable cooling vent system that will keep your head cool during hot laps without blowing cold air around your head.

Because we all know perfect weather is hard to come by and light can be constantly changing on the best snow days, CP offers and array of different lenses that are easily interchangeable without the need for tools or instructions. For days when temperature changes, the removable ear pads provide reliable protection against cold, wind and wetness and the construction ensures the acoustics necessary to keep you hearing clearly and communicating with others on the slopes.

Here are some of our favorites:


The Camurai simply is CP’s most classic all in one helmet. The very first of their visor helmets, the Camurai has been continuously updated and worked on over time, arriving at today’s gold standard version with its great shape and technical features. Available in an array of colors and sizes for men and women, there truly is a Camurai for everyone.

 CAMURAI w/Swarovski Crystals

The CAMURAI women’s visor helmet is beautiful and breathtakingly feminine. With details in Swarovski Crystals and a sleek design, this helmet is the luxe fashion in headwear, so fabulous you won’t want to take it off.

The Camurai adds a healthy dose of glamor to the piste with its Swarovski components and spangled ear pads. Protection never looked this good!

SNOW ski testers had a chance to take the CP integrated visor helmets out for some runs on Aspen Mountain. Hear their reviews below.