Best Visor Ski Helmets  – Kask

The SNOW Team was at the SIA Snow show in Denver to find the best visor ski helmets for the new ski season. Host Amie Engerbretson caught up with Marta Beltramello the Kask Brand Manager for snow sports and got to see what is new for the coming season.

First and foremost, the point of a helmet is to protect your head, but it might as well look good. Kask is one of the leaders in the industry making the integrated visor helmets. Kask has helmets with mink ear coverings, Swarovski chrystals, Merino wool all stylishly elegant with a design that can only be Italian.

Kask is well known for their bicycle helmets, but they now have a strong presence in the world of snow sports and the visor helmets are leading the way. Who would have ever thought a helmet could be sexy. Think again once you see one of these masterpieces in design. SNOW is constantly testing the best visor ski helmets that are produced worldwide.