Bomber Luxury Skis

SNOW tested Bomber Luxury Skis at our annual Ski Test which took place on Aspen Mountain in early April. Ski Pros and Ex Racers tested the best new skis 2016 – 2017 to see what what handled the best on the frontside slopes.

Testers tried the Bomber All Mountain Timberline ski. It is 124 x 77 x 110. Bomber Skis is a joint venture between luxury real estate guru Robert Siegel and Olympic Gold Medalist Bode Miller. Testers felt like the ski was snappy and quick from turn to turn, they skied it at a 165 and a 172 length. The ski felt damp and solid in both short turns and medium radius turns. Testers also felt confident on the skis at high speeds. Another tester liked how the Bombers held on hard snow as well. When looking for an all mountain ski, it is great if you have an opportunity to test skis on firm or even icy snow that was groomed the night before and also, try the ski in powder or crud.


For more info to check out the entire line of Bomber Skis go to:

Also, check out our YouTube Channel for a video of Bode Miller skiing in Portillo, Chile to see what he can do on his Bomber Skis.