Aspen Best Après Spots

“Après” is not just an after skiing activity, though it is the perfect way to end a day shredding it up on the slopes. In Aspen the Best Après is de rigueur after a tiring hike or a float down the river. It’s great to find a welcoming spot to relax and laugh with friends while indulging in drinks and snacks.

The Little Nell – The “Nell” as locals call it is located at 675 E Durant Ave in the center of Aspen, Colorado. Its one of the best locations in Aspen, directly  below the gondola on Aspen Mountain. The Little Nell is perfect after a day of carving through the fresh powder on Bell Mountain in the winter, or taking the gondola down after a beautiful summer hike up the face of Aspen Mountain. Snow or shine sitting on the patio of Element 47 – The Little Nell’s delicious restaurant, is a must. The Nell’s comfortable couches are great for taking a rest on and ordering any selection of tasty snacks like their wagyu beef sliders or from the list of sweet treats – I definitely recommend the meringues. The cozy atmosphere at the Nell along with its world renowned hot chocolate is utter perfection. Their hot chocolate even made number 18 on Buzzfeed’s “27 Of The Greatest Places In The World To Get Hot Chocolate”.

Ajax Tavern – The Ajax Tavern is the true place to people watch, relax, and of course chow down on their most delicious truffle French fries. With music constantly playing on their outside patio, overlooking the Little Nell slope on Aspen Mountain, there is no reason to not fit this into your day. No matter what time of year , there always seems to be a sprawling party going on outside the restaurant, so grab a pair of shades, sip down a drink, enjoy the perfect place to snap a group picture, and relish your care-free afternoon.

Aspen Best Après Spots
Aspen Best Après Spots The Tavern

Spring Cafe – Just like après spots are not limited to a season, they are also not limited to how much time needs to be spent. At places like the Little Nell, and the Ajax Tavern you might spend your entire afternoon laughing, eating, and having a ball. But sometimes you need a quick snack and a more casual venue to fit into your busy afternoon.  Spring Cafe, located on 119 S Spring St, is a better fit pit stop for a hectic day. Spring Cafe serves healthy, high energy food making it easy to fuel yourself for the continuing hours of the day. The cafe’s large space makes it easy to always find a table, and in the summertime, they open all the glass doors so even if you are eating inside you can enjoy the fresh air. Spring Cafe serves fresh juices packed with nutrients along with food created with all organic and fresh ingredients. Especially if you are short on time, but also want a healthy snack Spring Cafe fits both of those needs. I also definitely recommend their health shots. They may feel cruel in the moment but they clean you out.

Casa Tua – Casa Tua’s Aspen location at 403 S Galena St is a short stroll from the gondola and one of my favorite restaurant in Aspen. The cozy atmosphere, attentive service, and unbelievably delicious food is a perfect treat after a long day of hiking. In the winter the restaurant is only open for dinner, but in the summer time, fortunately the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. So whenever someone asks me where I want to go after a long hike, my first recommendation is Casa Tua. They offer public dining in the restaurant downstairs, and have a private club upstairs. The most special thing about Casa Tua is the “home- like” atmosphere that permeates each space, the name literally means “your house”. You truly feel like you are being served in your own home, which is a really unique and uncommon experience in restaurants and private clubs. Especially after an active day you want to be in a place that reminds you of the  level of comfort you would receive in your own home. When sitting outside on the patio, you overlook the center of Aspen, and can enjoy the people watching along with endless Bellini’s – a Casa Tua favorite.