Barb is Back. Winter has arrived around the US. If you live somewhere cold, go find your shovels and ice scrapers, snow boots and warm hats. Don’t forget the snow tires and mittens either!

I’m announcing my return to “Big Mountain Blogging”. I’m making a public proclamation that I will get at least 3 out per week. I thought that if I made this statement public, I’d have to hold myself accountable. Kind of like when you tell people you are on a diet or are not drinking, it makes it harder to have a cupcake or a margarita.

Please take a minute to hear my disclaimer. The views in this blog are entirely the opinion of its author, me, and are totally personal, prejudiced, self-serving and nepotistic. Now that I’m independent and not a part of a large corporation, I like to revel in my freedom and ability to be politically incorrect.

The views presented here are not representative of the SNOW edit team, nor are they meant to do harm to persons real or fictional.

Let it SNOW!