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Joanie Valentine

Aspen is my home, but I love to ski anywhere in the world with anyone who loves the mountains and wants to experience their strength and beauty.  Families are my specialty and overcoming fear with good technique will “balance” your experience with me in Aspen and beyond!

Becci Wilson

I’m originally from Queenstown, New Zealand; now an Aspen local. I have the highest level of certification and I’m also an NZSIA Trainer/Examiner. I love every aspect of the ski industry, especially teaching and coaching. From toddlers to “nervous nellies”, “thrill seekers”, racers: I love to ski with all who want to slide on snow and have fun. I live for outdoor activities, especially water sports, doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or not! A lifelong learner, I enjoy sharing my passion for skiing with all.  My ethos is to enjoy life to the fullest.

805 746 0028

Kitty Valentino

Hi my name is Kitty and i love Coke®, dancing, and skiing and my favorite color is clear! Even with my bachelor’s degree, I still felt more comfortable at the strip club or on the slopes than anywhere else. And that feeling hit me the very first time I held a ski pole or a dance pole. While I initially starting dancing to avoid eviction, I stayed because I felt more at home in the club or on the hill than I did in college, at church and at my parent’s. I’m the falcon at your breast and the wind in your hair.

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Ski Man

I Ski. I teach you ski. We ski eh?