Aspen Heaven on Earth Spa 

Relaxing at Heaven on Earth Spa in Aspen is your ticket to rest and relaxation

The  Aspen Heaven on Earth spa located in Aspen, Colorado boasts a wide variety of services for a day of relaxation, re-hydration and restoration. Owner and operator Pila Xian, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, understands the affect that the Aspen environment can have on one physically for the body and skin. Whether you are skiing the slopes of Aspen Mountain or enjoying a day of shopping and site seeing, your body and skin needs to be cared for and rejuvenated.


A day at the Heaven on Earth spa taking in a massage or facial will enhance your well being while promoting rest and relaxation. While there, let Pila customize your spa experience. Two of the featured services are the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial and their signature Heaven on Earth massage: Ashiatsu. The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is the #1 facial requested by patrons of the spa, because this facial gives results with no acid peels, irritating scrubs, or injections. It is painless and luxurious while leaving you feeling amazing and looking better as soon as you walk out the door. From the start, you will relax and drift into a deep state of relaxation while cooling, calming oxygen is applied with a fine wand under light pressure directly to the skin’s surface. This up-to-date technology rehydrates your skin from any wind or sunburn caused by a day of skiing on the slops. Dry, lined skin will suddenly look as if you’ve been sleeping for 10 years. Instantly, your skin will look brighter, lifted and contoured. The facial continues to work over the next few days, leaving your skin re-hydrated and looking great for days!


Aspen Heaven on Earth Spa Heaven on Earth’s signature massage, Ashiatsu, uses Oriental Bar Therapy to restore your muscles and leave you feeling relaxed. This therapy is unique but highly effective. In oriental bar therapy, the therapist “walks on your back”, supported by bars that hang from the ceiling allowing moderate to deep pressure to be applied. The therapist uses the bars to lessen or increase the pressure on the client’s back depending upon their wants and needs. This massage is a skillful blend of Swedish, deep tissue as well as Lomi Lomi massage techniques. The long, flowing strokes help put your body into a state of relaxation and works on restoring your sore and tired muscles. After a long day on the slopes, or walking around town, a massage or oxygen facial from Heaven on Earth is truly just that! It gives your body the care it needs and restors your body and skin back to health. You will look better and feel better as soon as you walk out the door. After a day in Heaven, you will be feeling as if you are on Cloud 9.