The Art of Heli Ski Guiding. I’ve been a ski pro for a long time and have skied with some of the top free skiers, World Cup ski racers, instructors, and guides in the world. As a connoisseur of the art of guiding and instructing, I’m hip to the nuances of the game. Having just had the treat of being “guided” by Greg Harms, I have a new outlook on what goes into it and the difference it makes.

I’ve been friends with Greg since the late 80s. We did a number of ski instructor exams together including two PSIA National Team try outs. He’s gotten me to push my boundaries numerous times telling me, “Barb, today is not your day to die, go for it!” He was at Heavenly when I was in Mammoth and then we taught together in Portillo, Chile. He proceeded me to Aspen and after visiting and crashing on his couch, I knew I had to make the move.Aspen was a big wake up call when it comes to the Art of Guiding, two of the best were right with me on the trip, being Joan Valentine and Andrew Wilson.

Technically on this trip, I was Greg’s client and let me tell you, I’ve turned into a spoiled little princess. No need to think for myself when Greg is there to take care of every little detail. On the hill, every run choice, every decision of what aspect to ski, were made to make us feel like rock stars.  We started with shorter descents that led to longer and steeper. To add to the great terrain selections, Greg also made run selection on where to best shoot Cover worthy shots of each of us.

Safety was always number one, no matter the activity, skiing, shooting, fishing, glacier hiking, etc, he always has your back. He goes the distance when it comes to extracting the perfect piece of glacier ice for our martinis and he can wine pair like nobody’s business.
Greg is unique in that he is one of the few guides that is also a fully qualified ski pro. He guides the likes of Travis Rice, National Geographic, and people from around the world of all skiing levels. They each get the individualized “treatment” they need.
Beyond all this, if there ever were to be an accident or an emergency, his photo is on Wikipedia when you search “Calm under Pressure”.
I’m hoping to get to Chile to ski with his Third Edge Heli operation and lift off the roof of the W in Santiago to do heli ski descents of over 7,000 feet!