Let’s face it, one of the best things about skiing is Après.

The other great thing about Après is that EVERYONE can do it. Skiing is a sport that requires a high skill level, so sometimes separates friends and family due to varying ability levels. Après ski is the time where everyone gets to be together, enjoy each other’s company, and come together over something everyone loves. How many other sports have their own “after-sport” custom? Maybe the 19th hole in golf, but there really is nothing like Après Ski.

Introducing Alp ‘n’ Rock – the brand you must know about if you want to look fabulous at Après.

Here’s the must-have list:


The Bianca.

This Henley is a cross between a t-shirt and an ultra-soft sweater, and has a sexiness to it that translates well into evenings relaxing by the fire.

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Ski Europe Cowl

The Ski Europe Cowl is for the sophisticated Après look.

This top is glamorous, yet relaxed and sets the tone for a fun and stylish participant.

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Ski Lift Henley


The Ski Lift Henley is perfect worn under your ski outfit.

So if you don’t have time to run back to the condo to change, you are already dressed for success. It also makes a nice change from the half zip turtleneck of old. If things get a bit crazy and you find yourself dancing in your ski boots and doing selfies on the table, you can be assured you will be making a fashion statement at the same time.

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"Snow is Love" T Shirt

The Snow is Love T Shirt says it all.

Wear it to keep the snow gods bringing the gift of snow for all to enjoy.

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Vintage Ski Henley

The Vintage Ski Henley is perfect for an afternoon Après on the mountain.

It’s sporty and fun and it evokes the Alpine spirit. This top brings any ski look together.

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Zurich City Coat

The Zurich city coat will keep you warm and fashionable.

If you like your Après outdoors by a raging fire, the Zurich city coat is the perfect choice. We love the length of this coat, it is long enough to keep you warm, while not being oversized and bulking. Walking home from Après through the snow-covered streets, people are sure to take notice from Aspen to Cortina, and Jackson to St. Moritz.

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