Alaskan Adventures at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

I landed in sunny Anchorage at 10pm, though it looked like mid day. I was met at the airport by Vladimir who whisked me and my gear off to the Captain Cook Hotel. Vladimir had come to Alaska from the Soviet Union 17 years ago never looking back. Though I guess if he misses home he can go to see Sarah Palin in Wasilla see Russia from her house. Wide awake due to the bright sunlight steaming in my window, I strolled down to the gift shop to peruse the Alaskan themed trinkets. After a photo session with the stuffed grizzly bear, I made my way back to my room to try and rest up for our early float plane departure out to the lake. The next morning our group met for a breakfast of Reindeer sausage and eggs. I feel compelled to eat as wild and native as possible when in AK. More than full, we headed out to board our float plane to go out to the lodge. We loaded up our gear which included numerous outfits for photo shoots and a case of Rose bubbles from Veuve Cliquot. You get mighty thirsty out fishing and skiing in Alaska! Our pilot Peter had traded flying big jets for Quantas and Japan Airlines for flying and storytelling in the Alaskan Wild. He told us that in Alaska a float plane is like having a pick up truck, every man has to have one. The views of Denali were spectacular and before we knew it we were at the lodge, greeted by our star guides, Greg Harms, Tommy Moe, and Mike Overcast. TBC!