Alaskan Adventures at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge – Part 2

photo courtesy of Greg Harms

Alaskan Adventures at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

We  moved into our rooms at the Lodge, greeted the staff, which were all old friends and joined the group for our lodge and safety briefing. Greg Harms gave us the inside scoop on the Lodge and Mike Overcast taught us how to use our avalanche beacons, though avalanches are not common with corn snow conditions.

After much debate, we settle on our first day ski outfits and headed out to make our first turns of the trip. Since I skied on Memorial Day in Aspen, it hadn’t been that long since my last turns. We got a feel for the snow and enjoyed the simple joy of sliding. We skied about 6 runs, enjoying the varied landscape. Hunger led us back to the Lodge where Brendan Nolan, aka “Chefy” had prepared a late lunch that we washed down with a lovely Rose from Oregon.

Alaskan Adventures - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

As the groups all came back in from skiing we shared our ski stories and got to know one another. There is a couple here from Minnesota, both passionate skiers that put skiing on the Summer Solstice onto their bucket list, so the next night would be big for them. If you saw the movie “Big Miracle” with Drew Barrymore, this couple made the equipment that was used to save the whales! Another guest was top writer and author Chris Santella, and there were two guys who’d come all the way from Switzerland to ski and fish in the land of the midnight sun.

Food is never far away here at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and dinner that night was a delicious beef tenderloin which we washed down the more pink juice in the form of Veuve Cliquot bubbles to celebrate our first day out on the mountain this trip.

Chefy, Mike, and Chris started playing guitar and singing and since I seemed to be having a hard time keeping the horizons straight on my photos, I decided it was time to slip off to bed.

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