Abbott Ski Resort-Inspired Fragrances

Abbott Fragrances takes is about turning memories into scents. The act of skiing, putting together turns in sequence, is universal, but the specific characteristics of weather, geography, flora and fauna make skiing across regions profoundly different experiences. And yet, everyone who skis has similar memories, of pulling on boots for the first time, of their biggest fall, their favorite run, and – perhaps the most universal of all – the smell of snow and trees and shrubs, of being in nature.

Enter Abbott Ski Resort-Inspired Fragrances, a collection of personal fragrances inspired by places that have left an indelible mark on creators Jose Alvarez and Michael Pass. Big Sky, one of their ski-inspired scents, is light and airy, and as clean as turns cut into the side of a pristine face. Made from spice marine, cypress and vetiver, the scent was inspired by time spent at the Montana mountain. The other, Telluride, combines suede, “safe synthetic” sandalwood and tonka bean, and is as earthy and warm as the naturally occurring hot springs that surround its namesake.

For Alvarez and Pass, the connection to nature goes well beyond the memory of time and place. Abbott practices sustainability in every sense of the word, using only ecologically conscious ingredients, refusing chemical additives, and keeping their products cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. These are scents that reflect the best of Mother Nature, not just in theory but consciously in practice throughout their production. Even the packaging, elegant in its minimalism, complies. No outlandish shapes, no flashy colors, just a product that stands on its own merits.

“Our customers are people that get energy and disconnect from city life when they go to natural places,” says Alvarez. “Our intention is that our scents become a part of their city routine to serve as that daily reminder, an escape to take them back to those beautiful places.”

Priced at $75, Abbott fragrances deliver a more elevated take than others in a similar price point. What’s more, Abbott gives back, donating $1 for every bottle purchased to local environmental organizations that protect the places that inspire them.

Abbott is available online at as well as at select retailers throughout the US